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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

We were celebrating a little too hard last week to get around to it, but I wanted to make this post to point out our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

Episode 52, Hey, Holy Mummy, is our one-year celebration episode. I will eventually get into a deep dive on the entire episode, but I just mainly wanted to get on here to make a post about how happy I am that we are here.

The one year has gone by so quickly, and it really does feel like Amanda and I were bouncing show ideas off of each other just yesterday. It truly was such a special moment. Amanda had hosted a show before, that I produced, and it had stopped. We both wanted to keep going, but we knew I couldn’t take over as the host of the old show (it was a women’s conversation show). The idea of doing true crime had came up, but I knew I wanted to do something different.

After about 20 minutes of bouncing ideas back and forth, I had an epiphany of essentially poking fun of the true crime format by doing petty crimes but trying to make them feel more serious. It felt like all our creative stars aligned. We kicked around ideas of having games and cool facts for the listeners, as well as a designed segment for banter and getting to know us hosts better. Dreadful Dilemmas felt like a lot less out of control banter, since we had a specific mission with the conversations.

It took us exactly a week, from getting the first idea to recording our first episode. Immediately after recording, I took the tracks into my studio and threw together an intro song and ‘Killer Facts’ sound drop. It honestly feels like I just blacked out and created something. I couldn’t be happier with it. Although, one of our segments didn’t make it past episode one (RIP movie reviews), it didn’t take too much tweaking to really focus our show and get us where we are now.

I’ve talked a lot about how the sound effects inspired me, so I won’t go into a lot of detail about that, but Amanda and I have grown a ton throughout this last year. Amanda may have grown the most though, as she has become pregnant over the span of this show.

We want to thank each and every one of you who have listened and supported us through this journey. This show came right at the heels of me getting my mental health in order, and it has really helped me break out of my shell. With steering this ship, I have really learned to seize more opportunities, and I have so many more challenges planned for my future. I’ve gotten evicted, stuck it to a landlord, was temporarily homeless, bought a house, become a dog dad and learned a few manly skills along the way. Amanda has become a cat mom, continued raising a very independent child, left her 9-5 to own her own business and now has a baby due next month.

It's so nice to look back and see how much of a transformative year this has been for both of us. I know there have been many years in my life where I would look back at not much change and just say, “yeah, that was just a transitional year. I’ll get to something good soon.” I’m happy to say that I’ve really made the most out of last year and I will continue doing the same for me and this show.

Special thanks to all our podcast friends and podcasts that have guested on our show – Murder She Joked, Review That Review, West London Witch, Homespun Haints, PNW Haunts & Homicides, Twisted & Uncorked and Generation WHY. We couldn’t be happier to have shared episodes with you all. Also, special thanks to For Better Self and Net Worth and Cults, Crimes and Cabernet for having us on as guests.

The list for all the shows that we are thankful to be associated with would be too long for me to write out right now, but we are going to be doing more guest work (whether it be on our show or on theirs), so we will have an even bigger list next year!

Huge shoutout to all our listeners who have sent in listener stories. We couldn’t do this without our listeners, but the listener stories really bring us so much joy to work on. Nothing makes us more happy than to see other people coming in and playing along with our silly true crime podcast idea. When I first pitched this idea to Amanda, I was so afraid that some people wouldn’t get it, but you all seem to really like what we are doing!

So for Amanda and I, thank you all! On to another year of petty crimes, dreadful dilemmas and more crazy sound effects!

Big things are on the horizon. But first, Amanda’s got to have herself a baby..

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