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live laugh larceny a true petty crime podcast hosts, amand and trevin sitting on a couch in their podcast studio, surrounded by microphones while trevin wears a shirt that says "everything is terrible"

About Us

Live Laugh Larceny: A True Petty Crime Podcast is an independent podcast out of Kansas City, MO, that recently joined Cloud10 and IHeartRadio. Hosted by two long time friends, Amanda and Trevin, Live Laugh Larceny sets out to change everything you know about true crime and comedy podcasts.

Unlike your average true crime comedy podcasts, cracking jokes around murders and missing persons cases, Live Laugh Larceny brings you small-time petty crimes, in an overly dramatic tone. Each story is presented over original scores, written and recorded by Trevin, with reenactment sound effects. Imagine listening to an Investigative Discovery murder documentary, except about something as small as stealing money out of someone's wallet.

Before story-time, get to know the hosts with their weekly Dreadful Dilemmas and their Killer Facts segments, guaranteed to leave you feeling like you learned something.


So if you've ever felt that true crime podcasts were a little too murdery or you think that having your phone stolen is the worst thing that can ever happen to a person, come and get petty with Live Laugh Larceny A True Petty Crime Podcast. 

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