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First Post of 2023!

Hey! It’s 2023! I just wanted to stop by and make a blog post, because it seems I have not done so in a while. The blog on this site was started back when our show was called Seriously Sinister. Since then, we have joined the Cloud10 Network and changed our name to Live, Laugh, Larceny. With all the changes that came with our new name and opportunities, the website’s URL never got changed and the blog never got worked on. I apologize! This post is here to transition us into posts under the name Live, Laugh, Larceny and to get us moving forward with more up-to-date content. We will be putting more content up on this blog, along with transcriptions with episodes. Of course, like the Going Deep posts, past transcription posts will show up out of regular order with the hopes of keeping each new episode transcribed as it releases. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to a HUGE 2023 for Live, Laugh, Larceny: A True Petty Crime Podcast! Love, Amanda and Trevin

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