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EP 60: Criminal Commitments

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

It’s our first episode of Amanda’s maternity leave! For the first part of Trevin’s Seriously Sinister & Friends phase, he is joined by Alecia of the podcast Twisted and Uncorked.

Alecia kicks off our first guest co-host spot with the Dreadful Dilemma of talking on the phone. All of the years of being a millennial who avoids the phone has caught up to her, with her husband forcing her to start calling in her own to-go orders. Trevin suggests Alecia use her Sociology learning to throw it back at him, telling him that this forced exposure will not help her with her fear.

Oddly enough, Trevin’s dilemma matches up with Alecia’s, as Trevin has terrible Zoom anxiety. Having made it through a pandemic, where Zoom was a big part of everyone’s lives, Trevin was able to avoid that.

With a combination of being put on the spot, like with phone calls, and the fear of being the next big Zoom fail video, Trevin finds this very dreadful. Notably, Trevin is afraid that a nude man’s penis may pop up behind him. With no men in the house with Trevin, Alecia comforts Trevin in telling him that a home intruder situation would be a bigger deal than just being part of a Zoom fail.

“..I would think Emily doesn’t have a dick, so if that’s popping up behind you, I feel like we should be more alarmed about a home intruder..”

But the show must go on and Trevin must face his fears, so he can have this guest co-hosts!


To keep the pressure off of the possibility of guests having the same trivia or facts from previous episodes, Trevin introduces his new segment that goes with guest co-hosts. Get To Know Your Host is a chance for the listeners to get to know their guest host. It’s a chance to spotlight their show and let them find a new show to listen to.

The segment kicks off with a freeform “describe yourself” section for Alecia. Alecia goes on to talk about all that Twisted and Uncorked does. Cults, murders, paranormal, wine and all of the good stuff is a part of their show. We are also the guest on their 50th episode. I will paste their show bio in here, to help spread the word.

“The podcast where two best friends, in two countries, discuss all things twisted! Join us every week as we tackle a new true crime, paranormal, cults or conspiracies case; whatever your spooky need is, we have you covered. New episodes released every Tuesday! You can expect some serious chills, a few laughs, the occasional banter, and well researched case information. Please help us get our podcast out there and rate and review for a shout out and our forever love. Keep it twisted!”

Trevin also points out that Alecia and Sierra have already been guest readers on the show before. They both had the episode number wrong, but luckily, I can look this up now. They were a part of Episode 34: Christian Slater Can Get It. The two tell the tale of Trevor Jones, a man who broken into a home, leaving his keys in the truck and leaving himself logged in on Facebook, at the house he broke into. CHECK IT OUT!

Not satisfied with how well the listeners have gotten to know Alecia, he has a list of questions to get a little deeper.

Q&A List:

Amanda wants to know- “Do you think you’re better than me?”

Answer: No. Amanda is growing a life!

What scared you most as a child?

Answer: The Exorcist. Alecia has never even seen it, but a Catholic family had her afraid of what it could do.

Have you ever drawn a swastika with frosting?

Answer: No. Alecia doesn’t draw much with frosting.

Is mooning an acceptable form of revenge?

Answer: A resounding “Absolutely.”

It seems that we’ve gotten to know our guest very well.


In the 1820s, wealthy scholar Thomas Pettigrew, was known for holding parties that did what?

A. Russian Roulette

B. Hunting The Poor

C. Mummy Unwrapping

……*Drum roll*…..

And the answer is C. Mummy Unwrapping.

In the 1800s, wealthy people would sell tickets and unwrap mummies on stage. Thomas Pettigrew would eventually purchase mummies and hold private parties for rich people to come and have an up-close look at the unwrapping.

This leads Trevin to a compare these parties to the popular saran wrap holiday game that was popular online, about five years ago (Although Trevin got confused and called it a game where they unwrap balls of tape)

“It was like that, but with a human”


As this is our first full episode recap post, these story explanations will be shorter, leaving space for future ‘Going Deep’ blog posts.

Trevin goes first in the story segments. He starts with a build up that this is something that the dating community can really relate to.

Trevin tells the story entitled Commitment Issues about criminal Jordan Berghout, the Utah man who burned his own trailer down to avoid having his girlfriend move in with him.

This story starts with a preamble about Trevin’s own commitment issues with tattoos. He doesn’t have any, because of his fear of forever. Although he loves the Saw film franchise and Captain America comics, he is too scared to get a tattoo of either. He is too afraid that he will wake up and completely hate them going forward. He also goes into a tangent about being on the mortician’s table and having the mortician think about how stupid his tattoo is.

The post-story banter has Alecia thinking about how desperate of a move burning your own house down is, to avoid something. She then puts Trevin on the spot and asks what the most desperate thing is he’s done to get out of anything.

Trevin explains that he moved away to Arizona to avoid a relationship and make sure the breakup would stick. He went there for audio school, but had he not been doing the breakup, he probably wouldn’t have gone.

Alecia also attempts to encourage Trevin to get a tattoo. She even suggests a listener contest to push for it. We will see where this goes, in the future. I’m sure the conversation will come up again, when Amanda returns.

The most desperate thing Alecia ever did..

“...I sent my instructor pictures of a car accident, because I didn’t want to take at test that I forgot about”

… That bad girl.

Alecia then goes on to tell her story, A Dirk Day at Seaworld. This story follows the April 2012 story about the Welsh tourists in Queensland, Australia (Rhys Owen Jones and Keri Mules) who got drunk, broke into SeaWorld and stole a Fairy penguin named Dirk. The story ends with Dirk being safe and the guys only being charged $1,000 (WOW).

This story plays off as a real life version of The Hangover, as these drunk men did wake up with a penguin just hanging around the hotel.

Trevin also adds a little fact to the story that Dirk was actually dropped off in shark infested waters. Dirk was found running back and forth, from water to land, because sharks were chasing him in the water and a dog was chasing him on the land.

This story adds a new animal to Alecia’s list of animals that she wants to own. Trevin says a Canadian Lynx would be his, but Alecia has an entire list.

Alecia’s Dream wild animal pet list



All of the rabbits



All of the dogs and cats

Teacup pig (that may or may not turn into a full-sized potbelly pig)

In the wake of Trevin feeling like a failure, with not finding a connection, Alecia swoops in to save the day.

“Someone really wanted to commit to a penguin and didn’t know how and someone didn’t want to commit to a relationship and didn’t know how”

BOOM! Criminal Commitments!

If you want to hear more from Alecia, she is with the show Twisted and Uncorked.

To hear this show, in full, you can find us wherever your get your podcasts or listen on the player below.

And remember... No matter the crime, big or small, in the end we are all doom.

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