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EP 104: Pooped & Duped (Transcript)

[00:00:00] Live Laugh Larceny discusses true petty crimes that may be disturbing to some or could be easy listening to all you psychopaths out there. All stories are based on actual events, eh, but details may vary. Listener discretion is not advised.

Welcome to Live Laugh larceny. The mathematical equation that can prove why kids lift Cinnamon Toast Crunch. , this is Trevin and I'm Amanda. So, Trevin, yes. Dreadful dilemma this week for us. All my life [00:01:00] is a dreadful dilemma, . So wanted to give everybody an update on where everything is going on, me chasing my dreams.

Woo. And I hit my first speed bump, so I am editing for some big shows. I picked up five more since we've made this announcement to everybody. That's amazing, by the way. Thank you. Getting closer to leaving my job. Mm-hmm. . But there's this new program called The Script. It's been around for a few years, I think, and it's super cool.

I usually judge people in my line of work right now cause I work in the transportation industry. Mm-hmm. and all I see is people still living in the seventies and eighties and not progressing. So it bugs me. So here I am. I got my audio degree in 2009, so I'm kind of living in the past myself. I haven't really upgraded too much since then.

I've gotten new versions of things, but I haven't really changed my workflow because I know what works. So I thought to myself, I don't [00:02:00] want to be this old person who doesn't progress with the times. No, who wants to be that? And so Cloud 10 likes to use the script, which I've always wanted to play around with it, but never had a chance cause I just didn't wanna pay for it.

And I didn't care to download the free version. So to describe the script to you guys, anybody who doesn't know anything about audio, you've seen programs and stuff where you see a person working on a computer and you just see a bunch of waveforms. Mm-hmm. a bunch of sounds. Mm-hmm. . Well, the script takes your audio, sucks it into the program, and then turns it into a basically Microsoft Word document.

So when you press play on your podcast, as the audio is moving at the bottom, , the words on the Word document are getting highlighted as they're spoken. It's very cool. You briefly showed it to me. Yeah, it's extremely cool. They also have ways that you can automatically type in look for filler words. Like every time somebody says, um, it just finds them all in the document and then you can go and delete them.

There are these automated things where you can click apply all and just delete them, and it can either delete it where it just [00:03:00] cuts it and moves the audio over, or it will put a blank space there. because sometimes you're just saying, um, and if you just had a blank space there, it gives that idea that somebody was thinking, you know what I mean?

Mm-hmm. . Cause obviously they didn't come up with that answer. Just like split quick. Really, because we do that all the time. You guys may think that we do. I just thought I need to get with the times. I can't be living in the past on how you do things. This show is a very big show, not just with its crowd size, but also just the fact that their episodes are really long.

So I thought this would be the perfect show for me to learn this program. Well, y'all , I didn't learn the program as well as I thought I did. And the episode gets released and a little bit later I look and I see that there had been complaints from their listeners Oh, about the Foley of their show, which it hurts.

It hurts so bad because you are listening to a perfectionist who still remembers mistakes he made at the age of 11 . So for me to say, Hey, I'm gonna take this [00:04:00] shot. I'm gonna start being an audio person for real, and I have what it takes to do. All across the board. Yeah. And in my first episode, working with this show, trying to network, trying to get to know these people.

Boom. I dropped the ball, completely dropped the ball. There were parts where they asked me to cut it out and this program did not flag it for me, cuz you can search it by names. So you could, you could type in Trevin and look for anytime it was said. Okay. Which, of course I don't have a normal name, so that throws the whole program off.

Oh God. I, I can see that. I've seen cha. Pop up on there. I've seen Trevor many a times. Oh, guaranteed. So I added it to the program's dictionary, but it still only works about half the time. . What is a Trevin? Yeah, . So there was some parts where the episode got through and it said, Hey Trevin, can you cut that out?

And I didn't cut it out, which I totally get. I deserve a slap on the wrist for that. Yeah. But there was also parts where there was the ums getting took out and the program automatically put little blank spaces in it, so they would be [00:05:00] talking and then there would just be. and they would keep talking and then sometimes it would be a stop and it's not as distracting as you would think.

Yeah. On that part because I listened to it. It took specific ones being pointed out for me to even hear it. When I would go to listen to it, I couldn't just be like, oh, this is all screwed up. It wasn't that bad, but anyway. I spent an extra two and a half hours yesterday when I'm already swamped with my nine to five, fixing those issues because I thought that my time life was gonna be easier with this program.

And then after I did that, more other listeners commented and said that they could hear those microscopic stops as well. So I'm like, shit, oh my God. So I, I just had to like lay myself out there and say, please don't hate. , this won't be this bad next week, right? I thought I could get with the times and now I'm gonna firmly go back to having trust issues.

Don't worry guys, I won't trust that program ever again. Mm-hmm. or myself, . And uh, we'll get past that, but it really sucked. And as far as all the other shows I'm working on, I want my name credited on [00:06:00] all of them, right? Except for this one, . I don't want anybody to know that I'm the editor of this show because, Even if it meant that it would get some followers that liked me and liked our show, don't, I'm like a ghost writer on a book.

I'm a ghost editor. Oh my God. Well, All of that sounds extremely stressful and it makes me stressed out just thinking about it for you, but I think that you obviously can only control how you handle the situation and how you feel, and I hope you're genuinely giving yours. Self the grace because you have a lot going on.

Yeah. It was still just a, a risk that I probably should have thought through a little better. Yeah. And, and we all learn. We all learn. But yeah, I think give yourself the grace. You're doing, I don't know, 500 different jobs at once. So, yeah, just take a minute, reflect, keep continuing to figure things out as you go.

And you're gonna be just fine. You're gonna be a [00:07:00] shooting star. Trevin, I want to be a shooting star. . Please make it so, oh, well, you're getting through it and you'll be just fine. I also have a dreadful dilemma. And mine's a little more simplistic, I would say, and it's something honestly kind of adorable and just kind of ridiculous all in one.

So my dreadful dilemma this week is that, as most of you listeners know, I have the two little ones at home, right? And our whole entire basement has basically turned into their own personal playroom, if you will. That's a lot of space for two kids too. It's a lot of space. It's like just one big room, and we've given them probably a good 85% of that room to have.

And with having all this room and two kids, the toys add up. And so I bought this new toy organizer on. , and it's a really simple one. [00:08:00] It's like a shelf, and then it comes with these little square shaped organizing. Kind of like the ones you have here. Yeah, but they're a little bit like shorter and wider.

And anyway, I got these and I put all their toys in it, and it was looking all cute. And then I realized that Lila and Winnie had. Dumped all the toys out of them and Lila was turning the squares on their side and making them like little tepee houses for her. Barbies. Oh, . I have a picture I made Jordan take one.

Hold on. I need to show you before we go on. Okay. So yeah, she's talking about those little cloth square cubby. Shelves is what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And she's folded them from a square to a triangle. I will post pictures on our social media, but needless to say, honestly, it's creative, I think on her end to turn these into these little like houses for her Barbies, but it also completely [00:09:00] 100% of.

Feeds the whole purpose of why I got them . Yeah. I'm finding that with my pets Uhhuh, whenever I think I can outsmart them and find a new system that will kind of make them do what I want them to do. Yeah. They always find a way around it, and I'm thinking that it'll probably be the same way, if not worse when I have kids.

Yes. I'm here to say yes. Yes it will. Because yeah, you think, Hey, I'm gonna get a thing that's gonna help my basement remain more organized, and then it just becomes part of the chaos. Yeah. Parenting 1 0 1, Kids love to destroy. Oh my God. So we are going to do a rousing game of two truths in a lie. This week.

I've got three wires. Which one do I cut? I'll give you two truths and a lie. But wait, we don't have time for this.

We are rousing, indeed . And you're going first. I am. All right, Trevin. So, I am going to be doing two truths and a [00:10:00] lie about narcissistic personality disorder. I hope you're not talking about me. Oh, I am you, narcissist , making it about yourself Right here and now. Yep. Okay. Do you know much about this disorder though?

I've dated it. Okay. Okay. So you've experienced it. Mm-hmm. firsthand. So have I. I have experienced it firsthand, and I definitely have some friends who have dated people just like this. Shade. I don't know if we should leave that in, but maybe we can. All right. And here are the statements. Statement one.

Narcissism most likely starts in childhood, but can only be diagnosed in adulthood. Statement two, about 75% of people with narcissistic personality disorder are men. And statement three. One of the most common traits in narcissism is the need for control. [00:11:00] I am gonna go with B is the lie. Really? Yep. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong.

Damn. So it is true narcissism as they are trying to learn more about it because it's an ever-evolving situation, and I feel like in recent studies we've learned a lot more about this disorder. Mm-hmm. , but it is assumed that narcissism most likely starts in childhood, but can only be diagnosed in adulthood.

That one is true because. All kids are narcissists. Let's get real. Yeah, let's get real. As a child and even as a teen, when you really think about it, it's like, everything's about me, me, me. So yeah, they're like That. Can't be diagnosed when people are kids. Cuz, come on. Yeah. Everything is about you when you're a kid.

And statement two, about 75% of people with narcissistic personality disorder are men. . Now, I will say this, I am not saying that I think women should be more or anything . I totally believe [00:12:00] that men are usually when you do a two truths and a lie, it's the number related things. Yeah. That are usually off a little bit.

Yeah. So I, I just thought it would be a little closer to even. No, and I hear that and that actually makes a lot of sense. Mm-hmm. . But no, I was honestly a little bit shocked too, just because I've. People that I believe have this, that have been both male and female personally. I know more males just like from my past and everything.

But yeah, I was honestly a little shocked. It was that high too. I mean, if you think about politics and stuff like that, , I could probably name you more men than women in the world. Yeah, because men don't hide. It will. They just can't. They just can't shake. Okay. And then statement three, one of the most common traits in narcissism is not a need for control, even though that is, you know, a part of it.

I did a lot of research on this one and I looked up a bunch of different traits and I went to a bunch of [00:13:00] different sites and statistics trying to figure this one out. And the one trait that the majority of people said was like the top, top one to look out. Is for the excessive need for admiration. Yeah.

Which obviously you can have that and not be a narcissist too. Yeah. Like I know for me, I love words of affirmation, like, tell me I'm doing an okay job, you know? But this is a deeper thing. This is like, you need to worship me at my feet kind of thing. . Yeah. You and I. Similar in the admiration thing. I feel like I'm failing all the time, so just tell me I'm not, would you please just tell me that I'm not failing.

That's all I need. Exactly. . Well that is so fun, , wasn't it? I love learning about narcissist, , but yeah, that totally all makes a lot of sense. Yeah, and when I was doing the research on this, even just for this one, Segment I learned a lot. Mm-hmm. . And I think it's good that we all kind of educate [00:14:00] ourselves about narcissism just in general, because I think a lot of really toxic things happen surrounding that.

And if you don't know about it, how are you gonna know? You know? Mm-hmm. like. Yeah, you need to have awareness of what to look out for and what to experience. Yeah. That's so true with what you were saying about the third one, because you would think that a narcissist, a person who's always me, me, me, it just thinks they're the gift to the world.

Mm-hmm. , but really deep down they feel pretty self-conscious. Oh yeah. And that's what leads them to almost overcorrect in a very unhealthy way. Mm-hmm. . As a kid younger, I would've thought, yeah, these people must think they're perfect. Yeah. But they really don. . They're actually very, very, very insecure.

Usually that's what all the articles were saying as well. Yeah, I like the guys who drive the big trucks. Right? , right. But yes, so watch out for those traits. And I just wanted to throw this out there real quick because her and I have dmd like through our podcast Instagram account time and time again. So sweet.

And I guarantee [00:15:00] you, you have heard of her show, but if you haven't listened to something was wrong, maybe that's who you're gonna talk about. Yes. By Tiffany Reese. She's such a good, good person and like podcaster and just an awesome gal. I just, I love her work. And if you wanna learn more about people with narcissism and hear personal stories about that, oh God, I could not recommend that.

Show more. Well the title, like Something was wrong. I'm sure it has to do with that. does it. All right. Well, I have a two truths and a lie for you. I'm ready. Are we gonna be talking about Jimmy Hats? Jimmy Hats, or condoms as the Lamos would call it? . Well, I am pretty lame. I'll take it. I just always love the term.

Jimmy Hats. Jimmy Hats. So we're gonna do two truths and a lie about condoms. Okay. Statement one, the inventor of Goodyear Tires. Invented the first rubber condom statement. Two. [00:16:00] Condoms used to be very expensive, causing them to be washed and reused a lot, or statement three. Trojan condoms were named after the Trojans of Troy because they're the earliest recorded use of contraception.

Whoa. All of those are very weird. I thought I was gonna choose a different one, but my heart is telling me to go with C being the lie. And you have one? I did, yes. The Trojan condoms were just named after them liking the Trojans. I guess they didn't really say, although some people believe, you know the Trojan horse.

Yeah. Like it's holding the bad guys . So some people have kind of made that joke. I don't think that was ever proven. I just assumed it was because like when you think of Trojans, you think of like, Masculinity and tough warriors that are like, I don't know, . I dunno if that's what they were going for, but I think people have said that too.

Yeah. But [00:17:00] I don't know if it was ever like straight up why that was what they went with. Huh. So, yes, the inventor of Goodyear tires did invent the rubber. That would eventually be the rubber condoms. Before that, they were actually made from animal intestines because animal intestines don't leak. Ooh, wow.

The rubber ones were the first ones that were actually able to be thrown away. Oh, okay. They could be thrown away, but you wouldn't want to cuz they're expensive. Yeah. So then the second one, Condoms used to be very expensive, causing 'em to be washed and reused. In the 16 hundreds, condoms were made of animal intestines.

Like I said, one condom could cost a US prostitute's pay for three months. Whoa. So they would actually disinfect them by washing them and warm milk and then just reusing them. Oh god. Oh God. Nothing. Absolutely nothing about that sound sanitary. No, it really doesn't. And I don't know why they used prostitutes pay to explain the pay of it.

I wish somebody would've done a pay [00:18:00] scale. I would've picked something completely different. Yeah. And also, don't they know that the proper term is sex worker now? Come on. Yeah. I mean, this was like a National Geographic thing, or something I was reading it from, but I thought that's such a weird pay scale to go off of.

Yeah. But anyway, three months worth of work. and so you would just keep running through the same one. Wow. It's wild. And then the, the main reason why I wanted to do this fact and I, for the life of me could not find it. It was a fact. I learned a long time ago, I can't even remember who it was. Some historical figure, and I wanna say it was like a Mormon thing, but they actually passed down their parents' condoms down the generation.

So at a certain point I'd be like, here you go, son. Here's my old condom. You know, keep it, it, it served me well. They'll serve you well too. now, unfortunately, I cannot. Back that up with who it was because I have been looking for days and cannot figure it out. Oh my God. Your Google search history is probably so weird at this point.

Oh, I'm flagged and make sure not to do show research at work. . I [00:19:00] wouldn't. I would not do that. Yeah. Not after the last flag I had with that. But, Ooh, I can't remember who it was, but that was so interesting to me and I wanted to share it all with you guys. So I was like, okay, I'll talk about these other condom facts.

Okay. But I guess it was common in some form of people that they did pass it down through generations. I was gonna say like, is this just an old wise tale you've heard? Or like, I wanna say it was on an episode of Behind the Bastards and they talked about a historical guy who had it passed down, but I can't remember who it was.

Fair enough. That is so weird. I would not want that family heirloom. Right. I just want you to know that it has, in some circles, that's probably a pass down item. Who, my God, . Keep that to yourselves. No thanks. Yes, please. You so tr. Let's switch things up a bit and maybe tell the folks some ads. Yeah. If you got money, we know what you can do with it.

Here you go.[00:20:00]

Okay. And we are back to stories. So I am going first this week. I have yet another story from the news. The news is Poppin Lilly. The news is poppin. Honestly, this one really isn't super, super recent, but I think it's something that could happen really at any time and at any place. So it's something we still all need to watch out for.

Great. I'll keep my guard up, , and here we go.

I think it is safe to say that we have all experienced someone who has gotten on our nerves. Maybe it's the lady in your office who sneezes extra loudly for attention.

Perhaps it's your overly competitive brother-in-law. You call that a healthy stream, or maybe [00:21:00] it's hearing your own voice on a podcast. Welcome to We Laugh, larceny Eye sounds so stupid, but my story today won't be about a simple annoyance between two people. Oh. Today I'll be talking about a straight up rivalry, an all-consuming and escalating vengeance that turned so foul that it rocked a tight-knit neighborhood to its core.

57 year old Amy and 67 year old. Almost seemed destined to become sworn enemies from their very first encounter. They had shown up to the same neighborhood Super Bowl party, each representing their team from head to toe. Let's go. The only problem was that they represented opposing teams. From that meeting on, it became clear that the two had completely different beliefs and values.

But deep [00:22:00] down, they shared many of the same insecurities causing resentment and rivalry to form. This took place gradually over time as both women were involved in their upskill community in the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Even though the women disliked each other, it was nearly impossible to avoid the other living in the same neighborhood.

Oh, shoot. The feud started out small with Kay making a remark about one of Amy's handbags being from last season. This caused Amy to constantly bring up how Kay was nearly a decade older than her. Kay acted offended by Amy's store bought desserts, ew, while Amy despised and avoided Kay's yapping dog.

Eventually, Kay started a rumor about Amy and Amy retaliated with a rumor about Kay.[00:23:00]

The tension continued to build between the two women. As the whole neighborhood felt, the pressure to choose sides when March had come around, the rivalry was at peak stress level. Both Amy and Kay had become completely obsessed with taking down the other in any way possible. It was around 3:00 PM one afternoon when Amy stood at her sink, quickly finishing her dishes.

She knew that it was around this time that Kay would be taking her yapping dog on a walk through the neighborhood. Amy knew this. Because it had become a sick routine for Kay to allow her dog to defecate in Amy's yard without scooping it up afterwards. Amy had found this out the hard way after she stepped in a pile of turds while gathering her mail one morning.

Since then, she vowed to catch Kay in the [00:24:00] act and make her pay once and for all like clockwork. Amy spotted Kay with her dog heading straight towards her manicured lawn. Amy pied out her window watching Kay's every move. It was then that Kay guided her dog over to Amy's lawn. The small dog smelled the familiar grass as he circled the area and began to squat slowly and deliberately.

The dog lift a pile of fresh feces on her yard.

Amy was fuming as she looked up at Kay's smiling. And she rushed outside. Hey, clean up your dog. Shit off my lawn, or I'm reporting you to our hoa. Amy threatened as she approached Kay on her sidewalk. I was going to pick it up, but if you're going to [00:25:00] yell, then you can clean it up yourself. Kay Scoffed back rage had taken over Amy's body as she stomped back into her house and grabbed a plastic baggie.

Rushing back to her front yard, she grabbed the still warm puppy poo up and threw it towards Kay. On March 18th, 2015, 57 year old, Amy Goldberg was accused of throwing dog feces at her 67 year old neighbor in the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Amy says that her neighbor habitually allowed her dog to poop in her yard without any effort to clean it up.

She also stated that the two neighbors had a long history of bad blood. But the neighbor and Amy told the authorities two different versions of what happened next. The neighbor claimed that after Amy threw the poop, [00:26:00] Amy picked it back up and smeared the poop on the neighbor's arms and face. Amy insists, however, that she only threw the poop in her neighbor's general direction, and that the neighbor had smeared the poop on herself to frame Amy.

Regardless. Amy was charged with battery of a person 65 years or older. This charge came with a possible sentence of three years in jail and Amy could have been fined $10,000. Luckily for her. On January 8th, 2016, a Palm Beach County judge granted Amy's petition to have the criminal record of the incident.

Expunged rivalries can become a pretty intense. They can take up all your energy and effort just to try and prove that you are the superior individual. So if you find yourself in the middle of one of these toxic situations, it may be good to take a step back, [00:27:00] or you too could find yourself in a heap of shit.

Well that is one way to handle a situation, . Wow. Yeah. So I did wanna clarify couple quick things. The name of the neighbor, Kay, is completely made up. I figured the neighbor probably just stayed anonymous. Yes. So the only actual real name is Amy because she was the one that was charged and yeah, I looked far and wide.

Mm-hmm. to find the neighbor's name and couldn't. Also, Amy does have a statement that says that there was a lot of bad blood between them, just like I said in the last paragraph. But as far as what they did to each other and the bad blood, obviously. . I had fun with that, right? I don't know what led to this moment.

I could only imagine. And I had some fun. And then also the other detail that I really wanted to know that I couldn't find was [00:28:00] anything about this dog. I don't know if it's a big dog. I say in my story it was a small dog, just because that seems funnier to me that somebody would get really, really mad about a dog shitting in their yard, and it was like a tiny turd.

Mm-hmm. . I don't know though, I couldn't find out a name of a dog, a type of breed, any sort of detail in any way, shape, or. . So do you think the woman smeared shit on herself, or do you think the girl threw it? I have gone back and forth and back and forth with my own personal opinions. I wanted to make sure that I told both sides and that I didn't just finish the storytelling one side because that's just how torn I am.

Mm-hmm. . And also I can only see Amy's mugshot. Mm-hmm. , not that I'd gain anything by being able to see the other person, but. Maybe it's because I can just see how sad she looks in her mugshot that I'm like, come on. Like Amy couldn't have been all that bad. Right? But it's hard to say. [00:29:00] Right. Okay. For me, I'm picturing these are two women, they live in a very upscale area, like high end houses in Florida, there's clearly bad blood between them.

Something had to happen for her to, I feel like snap, unless she's just that wild of a human being. Right. Right. And so for me, I don't know. I think maybe Amy was framed question mark framing, , and even Amy herself, she admitted they agree on the whole entire situation. Mm-hmm. , except for the very last detail, Amy admits that she went out there and yelled at her and threw the dog poop in her general direction.

Mm-hmm. , but she's like, I never touched her. And for me, if you're going to admit to that part of it, Why wouldn't you just admit to everything? Mm-hmm. , but also who would rub dog poop on themselves? I mean, I can picture some wacky ass people that are [00:30:00] just so overcome with emotion and anger. They're just like, oh, I'll get you

They just start covering themselves in it. And honestly, if I was Amy, Yeah. In in the, my heart of hearts. I know I didn't hit her with the dog shit. Yeah. I would never go near that woman again. Oh. If she will cover herself in poop to teach you a lesson, then I don't know what else they're capable of. No.

Straight up. Can you even imagine throwing a bag of dog turns at your freaking neighborhood enemy? Okay. And then they pick it up and they're like, oh yeah. And. Marrying it on themselves, making eye contact the whole time. I mean, that's another level, but I dunno why that seems more believable to me.

Florida woman , because Amy, I mean, it's pretty wild to even just throw a. Bag of dog poop, let alone smear it on someone. Yeah. And she admitted to that part. And my question too [00:31:00] is did she call the cops and just sit there with shit on herself until somebody showed up? Or did she like jump in the car and drive to the police station, like, look at this?

Obviously I didn't do it to myself cuz she didn't just automatically clean it off herself. If you threw shit on me, that's, I would've washed it off first. Yes. Not sat it longer for evidence. And she had to be the one that called the cops. So , could we be completely wrong? Of course. Yeah. But I'd like to think that they were both at fault here.

Uh, yeah. I think they both lost their cool, but I think Kay or neighbor woman needed some sort of a slap too. Yes. I'm glad we're on the same page. And also the judge expunged. The charge. Mm-hmm. . So like clearly the judge had some reason to be like, okay, you're both at fault. You're both little nuts here, right?

Yeah. He's probably just like, thanks for making my day less boring. . So you say expunged it. So she didn't get charged, she didn't have to pay anything or do any type of time. I don't know. Or community service, I guess. I don't know, [00:32:00] because most of the articles said that she was charged and that she had the possibility of facing that much time.

Mm-hmm. . But the only site that I saw that had an update, that's all it gave me, was that the judge expunged it. Like we say a lot, there's not a lot of updates usually on these, but there was one that said it was expunged. I don't know what that means exactly. We need to have our little lawyer listener on standby for things like this.

Like what does this mean? Expunged? Yeah. Phone a friend. But yes. Isn't that quite the story though? That is quite the story. It's funny how things like that can escalate all the way to where the police have to be involved. I imagine if I would've gotten in a run in with somebody with dog poop, it probably wouldn't have made its way to the police.

It would've been like, well, that was something. I guess we'll just watch your back. We won't do that again. You know? That's another reason why. I feel like it's the way that we think. I think that maybe the neighbor did it because I'm like, you're the one that involved the cops, right? Like, I dunno, it [00:33:00] just seems so weird.

Well, that was fun, . Thank you. And I actually have a story that involves dog poop not on me today, but I You don't have dog poop on you today. No, I haven't. , I'm just kidding. Shucks. I wish I would've had that one written now, because that would've been a great two-parter. But my God would, I'll hold onto that one for way later.

So I have a story this week and it has to do with trust. Ooh, okay. . And maybe how we all shouldn't do it. Ooh. I mean, I trusted that program to make my life easier and. Now I'm looking like a failure . So maybe we can leave this episode with a little less trust in our hearts. . I'll try it out. Sure. Yeah, if I can get that, I will have achieved my goal.

So let's just jump into this thing and we may have some questions and here we go.[00:34:00]

Have you ever been duped, you know, deceived hoodwinked, or sold a bill of goods for everyone? Being tricked can be an all around negative experience, and sadly, it happens to all of us. Oh, we've all seen documentaries about the dup. The scam artists, the swindlers and the sommelier. We know that they are usually narcissists who have great people skills, allowing them to confidently run situations with their dishonest schemes.

Been there, done that, right with murder. Documentaries being such big ticket shows for streaming services. It was only a matter of time before they started putting out less murdery content. Now, scam crime content is becoming almost as p. Making the personality traits of a scam artist as recognizable as charisma is to a cult leader.[00:35:00]

So instead of looking at the duper I'D instead, Like to look at the dupee, the poor victims of these dastardly villains and what they may have in common. Through my findings, I've found that there are three common traits that lead to a textbook duping. One, our victim is too trusting. This can be your younger person who has not yet learned the evils of the world.

I'm young, a sweet grandma who sees the good in everyone. I'll get my. Or just an overly optimistic person. Either way, they have no defenses up because, well, people are inherently good, right? Obviously, I'm going to say they are wrong. People are all the worst. Why do you think I strive to be a hermit?

Number two? Family. Family. Family. That's right. Family. The people who you grew up with, the ones you have known the longest. Well, they are regular people [00:36:00] too, and regular people are the Devil. . There are plenty of pessimistic people in the world that have no trust for others, but there's always that soft spot for family.

Maybe they watch too many fast and furious movies, or their favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. Either way, they let the idea of family be a very important motivator for making poor decisions. And my third and final reason for being a do. Is an offer you can't refuse, whether it be winning a fake prize or being offered an expensive sugar pill that is said to cure your debilitating fear of squirrels, fuck another squirrel.

There are offers out there that we simply can't refuse A lot of it comes down to desperation. I am desperate to no longer be deep in the throes of capitalism. I would sell my soul to no longer have to dedicate my time to the. And focus on the things that make me happy, so that would make me very susceptible to this form of [00:37:00] being duped.

Examples of this can range from amazing job offers, miracle cures for ailments, fake prizes, Facebook ads for 80 inch TVs priced at $40 each MLMs and even the free gift that comes along with sitting through a timeshare present. These are the most obvious and easy to find of the Dees, but even people who can smell a scam will suspend disbelief in the name of desperation.

So really, all three of these traits come down to ways of making you trust without an inkling of trust. No attempted swindling can swindle leaving you swindle this and safe. But this is exactly why these traits exist in the first place. Scam artists will work every single one of these angles to the best of their ability until they eventually make you trust in them.

If you haven't guessed by now, someone in this story is going to get duped, so take notes and try [00:38:00] not to be the dupee in your own story. Keith was an older, gentle. Living in Lewiston, Maine in 2019, he enjoyed the finer things in life and tried to keep his life as stress free as possible. For the most part, this was pretty easy.

Being recently retired, Kevo was able to leave the stress of the daily work grind behind him. This allowed him more time to take relaxing drives on the countryside and catch Monday. Met nay showings to avoid teens talking during his movies. Although the twilight of Keith's life seems like the most relaxing way to live, there was one thing that was still an ongoing dilemma.

His son as frustrating as some family members could be. Keith's 39 year old son, Joseph really took the cake for family members who caused stress. Since Joseph was a boy, he was always causing trouble and now getting closer to being a middle-aged adult, things [00:39:00] still haven't changed. What started as Keith picking up his son from the principal's office for smoking cigarettes in the boy's bathroom?

Had eventually. To him needing to pick up his adult son from jail for possession charges. You made bail as much as it should have been a relaxing time for Keith. There were still plenty of anxiety inducing periods brought on by Joseph, but a parent's love knows no bounds and no matter what trouble Joseph found himself in, Keith never stopped believing in his little boy.

On a beautiful day in April of 2000, Keith picked up Joseph for his weekly father son time, worried about the way Joseph was taking care of himself. Keith liked to take his son out to eat and catch up with him. This was a great way for him to stay connected with his son, but also make sure he at least got one good meal in him.

For the last month or so, Keith had an ulterior motive for his visits. Each time the two would meet up, Keith would always try to [00:40:00] float the idea of rehab to his son. He knew it wasn't going to be easy. But he wasn't going to give up on trying. Keith pulled up to the address that Joseph said he was at and let him in the car.

There was already a tense feeling in the air as Joseph already seemed to have an attitude. How is your week son? Keith said kindly to Joseph as he continued driving down the road. It's fine, dad. I really don't wanna talk about it. Where are we getting lunch? Joseph responded in an ungrateful tone. The two continued driving on having small talk, keeping things polite and casual.

What Joseph didn't know was that Keith planned on surprising his son by taking him directly to rehab as the two pulled into the driveway for the. Joseph immediately began to react, not this again. Dad. Come on. You can't keep bringing me here. Keith looked down at a steering wheel, unable to make eye contact.

I'm your dad and I'm not going to give up on you. [00:41:00] Even if we don't go today, I will unapologetically try again next time. The two sat in silence before Joseph responded, well, I'm not going today. You will not get me out of this car. Keith gave a slow, defeated. As he started his car back up. I understand. He said, where do you need to go in a hateful tone.

Joseph gave a quick response. I need to cash a check at the bank and then you can take me to my friend Chad's house. Keith did as his son asked. Hoping that his helpfulness and unquestioning nature would lead to his son trusting that he knows what's best for him. As Keith parked at the bank, he watched as Joseph exited the vehicle and went into the building.

He sat in silence thinking about the argument him and his son just had. We'll get him next time. He said to himself in his rear view mirror. Keith was a persistent. And he was not going to take no for an answer when trying to [00:42:00] help his son. After some time passed, Joseph came walking fast out of the bank and back into the car.

He seemed very stressed. Are you okay? Keith asked as his son quickly cut him off. Just drive. Dad, I don't wanna talk about it. Keith put it in drive and headed toward Joseph's friend's house. During the car ride, Joseph continued fid. And even took off his favorite jacket once they arrived at Chad's.

Joseph put his jacket on the floorboard of the car and attempted to leave. Wait. Son, Keith yelled as Joseph stopped. You forgot your jacket. You can keep it. Joseph responded, still trying to leave. Keith grabbed his son's arm and handed him the jacket. I'm not going to keep your dirty ass jacket for you son.

Please take it with you. Joseph Huffed grabbed the jacket and got out of the car, slamming the door behind him. Keith watched as Joseph balled up his jacket and threw it on the ground behind the car. [00:43:00] I guess he doesn't like that jacket anymore. Keith said to himself as he headed back home as Keith drove.

He took the time to reflect on the run in with his son. He remained optimistic, but it was never easy for him to have these mean-spirited meet. The emotion swirled around in his head until he was quickly distracted by police lights as he went over to the next hill. Keith crossed the intersection and slowed down a little bit just to get a glimpse of the scene.

His local Lewiston bank was swarming with police officers judging by the scene. It looked like quite a happening, had just occurred at the bank having just been there. Keith was very glad that this possibly dangerous situation didn't happen while Joseph was in there. Keith continued on until one of the police officers left the bank to pull him over.

He sat patiently as the police officer walked up to his vehicle with his hand on his. Do you know why I pulled you over, sir? The officer [00:44:00] asked. Keith stumbled all over his words thinking that maybe it was a crime to intensely stare down emergency situations when driving by them. The officer spoke up again.

Do you know anything about the bank robbery that just took place at the bank? You just passed? We've got multiple reports naming your vehicle as the getaway car. In that moment, Keith began to question every part of his. Had he just unknowingly been the getaway driver for a bank heist, putting all of the pieces together.

He looked down at his steering wheel in defeat. I've been duped. He said to himself as he began to cry, , in April of 2019, main man, Keith Tilton dropped his son off to cash a check at the Andrew Skogen Bank in Lewis. As he waited, his son, Joseph, approached the first teller and said, give me the fucking money.

The cops are on the way. The teller first believed this to be a joke until Joseph jumped over the [00:45:00] counter yelling and began pulling money from the drawer. He then quickly fled the scene where he got back in the car with his father and had him drive him to his friend's house. Later on, as the police questioned the teller about the perpetrator's appearance and getaway, She looked up and pointed at Keith driving past saying That's the getaway car right there.

The police quickly apprehended Keith as he knew nothing of the matter. The police also recovered an auto repair invoice with Keith's name on it dropped at the scene of the crime by the bank robber. With all the evidence pointing to Keith, he finally figure. What had transpired, Keith was unwittingly duped into being his own son's getaway driver for her bank robbery.

Keith's 39 year old son, Joseph Tilton, was later arrested and pleaded guilty in court to class B, robbery and Class C theft by unauthorized taking. He was forced to serve seven years in prison and pay $620 in restitution the exact [00:46:00] amount that he had stolen. I know this wasn't a bizarre form of trickery, as this easily falls into the family trait of my ways of duping, but wow, what a way to use that trust.

I'm sure I've accidentally done a lot of things in my life and not even known it, but rob a bank, that's a whole new level of blinders for a person. As for you all, hopefully I added some awareness to the ways of being duped. Don't be afraid to have some trust issues after hearing the. At least it keeps you safe.

So if a family member approaches you down on their luck and needing your help, ask yourself how they may secretly be trying to take advantage of you. Don't be afraid to get a little paranoid with it. After all, if you can drive away all of your friends and family with your lack of trust, that's less people that can try to dupe you.

Friends and family are just possible suspects, so stay lonely, stay suspicious, and stay safe because there's nothing more poop. [00:47:00] Than being a doopy.

We both talked about narcissism. We both talked about poop. Like, my God, we are just a couple of fun hosts. You know, we are the most fun now. Holy hell, if you are going to be wanting me to be your getaway driver, at least let. In on the plan. Mm-hmm. or give me some of the stolen cash. Like that is not okay.

It didn't work out for him, obviously, but I mean, a lot of things really did work out for him to have gotten at least out of the bank and into his dad's car without there already have been a scene. Yeah. For his dad to have left the bank and not even. That's amazing. I mean, he kind of succeeded in a sense.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, , he got, he got halfway there, I'd say for sure. Yeah. So what, the thing with the auto repair invoice was he took an invoice for the car [00:48:00] repair out of his dad's car before he went. Since I didn't really tell it for his perspective, I didn't really put it in the story. Yeah. But his plan was, he was going to write a note on the back of that and give it to the teller that says, give me the money.

You know, don't cause a scene. Yeah. But then they. He asked her once, like, Hey, gimme the money, and she thought it was a joke, and then he just like, and freaked out and jumped over the counter and started pulling the money. In the process of doing that, he had dropped the paper that he was going to write the note on the paper that had.

All of his father's information on the side of it. Whoa. So not only was the whole getaway driver story, you know, that's the whole thing that makes it interesting for our show. But really that was a pretty dumb criminal move too. Taking a piece of paper that had your information on it kind of makes me think of the one you did about the dude who went to the thrift store and hit on the girl, and then Shoplifted gave her his number, but also on the back of the card was his business information

Right, right, right. Yeah. People don't realize like, If you're gonna write a note or a letter, maybe choose a [00:49:00] blank sheet. Yeah, I mean, , it's really not ideal to have your full name and info on there or your innocent fathers. For real. Whoa. Talk about a very awkward father and son relationship. Yeah, I found this story a while back and I wanted to do it, and then when it came time to write it, I was like, oh my God, I did not realize that this all comes around.

The dad trying to get his kid in rehab. So all of that was 100%. Okay. Yep. That was all rehab. Wow. They said he had been trying to get his son to go to rehab for a while and you know, it could be that he didn't wanna rob the bank so much as he just wanted to. Get in trouble in a different way. You know what I mean?

Like, sometimes people try to avoid doing the right thing, so they just do a different wrong thing. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So that could've been his cry for help. I, I really don't know. It's a funny story because a sweet dad found himself accidentally a getaway driver , which just would've been a great Father's Day episode story.

Right. But I [00:50:00] mean, it does come around some serious subjects and so I didn't wanna make fun of that situation. Totally. But we can still find the funny. Yeah, to the dad's side. Oh, for sure. For sure. And what did they always say? Like, you know, tragedy. Turns into com. What did they say? You would know better.

Viewing a situation, zoomed in as tragedy. Zooming it out is comedy. There you go. There you go. And we definitely are looking at it in hindsight, which is zoomed out. So yes, yes, yes. Very funny. But what a great dad. This is another one of those stories where I would love a follow up. Like, did the sun get help?

What is their relationship like now? Is he in jail? Is he like I, I just wish. Some follow up answers. Well, it was 2019 and they said he got seven, so he would still binging. Oh, okay. That's right. That's apparently he was supposed to have gotten at the maximum like 15. Oh wow. But for some reason they got it bumped down to seven and then just paying the money he took.

Okay. All in all, I mean, it's still pretty crazy to have to. In jail for [00:51:00] seven years when you just probably took him, what? A few minutes to do the actual crime itself. Mm-hmm. , but honestly robbing a bank and only getting seven years. I mean, I don't know. That doesn't seem too terrible, right? I don't know.

Yeah, it probably helps that he didn't have a weapon. Okay. Mm-hmm. , and I guess maybe just taking $600, there might be a cutoff where the money amount changes. Yeah. It's like it was under a grand. Yeah. Like, come on, . Which is like, if he really knew how much he was gonna leave the bank with , I wonder would you have done it?

I know, I know. I'm like, would you have gone through all that effort just for 600 and whatever? Yeah, I certainly wouldn't have. Oh God, no. Not worth it At. Gosh. Well, I can kind of relate, like as a parent, you're like, oh man, no matter what you do, I'm still gonna love ya. You know? Mm-hmm. , and so I can kind of like empathize with that dad, poor guy,

Yeah. It would be hard to be a parent and have a kid that is just, it's, it's one thing when they're kind of not [00:52:00] doing good in life. Yeah. But it's another thing when they do something really bad, you know, like when you like watching the Dahmer series and stuff, like seeing the dad and stuff like that, it's.

God, that's sad. This if your kid did something really, really bad. Totally. And in this case, he involved his dad in the thing that he was doing. That was really bad. It's like, whoa. Yeah. Like imagine if the dad would've gotten arrested for it and couldn't talk his way out of it. Totally. Because they said they completely believed his story and he got some questioning and they just let him go.

Yeah. But imagine if they were both sitting in jail and he is like, you really fucked up this time, son. Yeah. He's just like, god damn. Like, leave me outta this. That would be the worst. Oh, I'm glad he didn't get in trouble. Same. Whoa. Well, that was a really fun episode. As far as our story connections.

Obviously we have the poop similarity and then the narcissism tied in with my two truths and a lie. But really it was kind of about a close personal relationship between two people. . Mm-hmm. . [00:53:00] I like going outside of the box and just going with the narcissist connection. Yeah. I think this would be a very narcissist episode.

Yeah. If anybody has any connection story specific wise, let us know. Yeah, for sure. We love hearing from you guys. Oh my God. Keep reaching out. Keep telling your friends about our show and just remember, no matter the crime, Big or small. In the end, we're all doomed. Doomed to be some narcissistic douche holes.

also, have a great week. Oh yeah. Bye. See ya. Thank you for listening to our show, whether you're a narcissist or not, and don't be an old use condom. Come and follow us on social media, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, live, laugh, larceny, . Oh my God. And if you have an ongoing rivalry with your neighbor, send us your petty crime story live.

Laugh larceny [00:54:00] And I know I told you not to trust and get duped by family members, but you can trust me. Go ahead and give me five stars wherever you can give them podcasts. Spotify good pods or Apple.

What started as Keith picking up his son from the principal's office for smoking cigarettes in the boys room? Holy fuck. That's a long sentence.

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